When was the last time you allowed your wild side to express herself?

This is a journey to experience 24/7 the emotions, the inspirations and the dreams of your wild soul. This part of you that is probably most in touch with your transformational power.

Living a journey in travel coaching means being able to explore oneself within a safe environment where judgment is absent, therefore leaving open the way to simply observe what happens…

This is a powerful journey where the main role is played by the discovery of what it means to you to be wild and what happens to you when you choose to not repress this part of yourself.

8 days where the wildest and most stunning places in Ireland will provide the background for a space of inner exploration.

A small group of travel companions allows to create a safe space of support and encouragement.

A journey created for those who choose to allow themselves to be immersed and inspired by the elements….

some images of the places that will create the framework for your inner journey

travel coaching

  • Travel program
    • Pre-departure coaching to choose your personal goal

    8 days filled with:

    • Harmonizing the group
    • Exploring the land through different Travel Coaching workshops
    • Discovering a new rhythm to savor your life
    • Recognizing the code of your wild soul
    • Sleeping on a deserted island
    • Group Sharing
    • Swimming with seals
    • Returning home with new friends


Wild Ireland day by day

17th July: Arrival of the participants in Cork. At 7pm we start our journey with the workshop ‘How does your wild part communicate?’. Welcome circle and getting to know each other.

18th July: At 9am we’ll be starting the day with an ‘opening circle with Travel coaching cards’. Followed by a visit to Blarney Castle and “The code of the Soul” workshop.

19th July: Starting the day with our ‘opening circle’. Then departure to Killarney National park where a boat will await us to cross the lake of wisdom to reach Innisfallen Island. There’ll the workshop entitled “Reclaiming your inner treasure” will take place.

In the evening arrival in the village of Dingle. Dinner and dancing in a typical Irish pub.

20th July: Transfer to the island of Blasket on Billy’s boat. This boat trip will be a great opportunity to see the coast, the headlands and the stories that have been “carved” into the rocks. Let’s see if Fungi the dolphin, who has been living in this bay for over 30 years, decides to show up and accompany us. Upon arrival on the island the seals who live there will welcome us. The coaching theme of the day will be to see beyond your imagination.

21st July: Entire day on Blasket Island with a new workshop entitled “Listening in your own way”.

How many different ways of listening exist?

There is no electricity on the island and we’ll be living a natural rhythm. This will also be an excellent opportunity to experience a short digital detox and fully enter within yourself.

22nd July: Return to Dingle and then moving on to the Ring of Kerry peninsula. This will be a day of relaxation where you can savor what you have experienced so far and extrapolate “the three keys to connect with your wild soul”.

23rd July: Time and sea permitting we will leave for the island of Skellig Michael which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A place where the early Christians lived in hermitage and where you can contact your true Self.

24th July: A day dedicated to “exploring how not to return home” and to put onto paper the resources, methods and tools that you choose to take home from this journey.

Returning to Cork in the evening.

25th July: departures, goodbyes and hugs

This program may change due to weather and sea conditions that often and quickly change in Ireland.

some kind words of people who travelled with me

Ilaria brings a lot of love, joy, fun, loving care and professionalism to everything she does!.
She took us to wonderful places ‘off the beaten track’ to see them with different points of views.

Tania Costantini Zimmermann

I have heard the call for this trip, because it had been some time since I’ve had a holiday dedicated all to myself. I wanted some time and space for breathing, for wondering and for simply being happy while travelling. For me it turned out to be a journey called Love, as a part of every Travel Coaching trip takes you within yourself!

Luana Marzi



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