The coach clarifies your objective and provides tools you can use to find your own unique and wonderful way of achieving the solution.

Have you ever tried advising a friend about what they should do? 

Did it work? NO

This is because each of us has a personal journey to travel, a journey called Life, which involves choices, mistakes, victories and evolution.

Coaching doesn’t provide psychological diagnoses and is not for people who have problems of a nervous or psychological nature; coaches work with people who want to achieve fulfillment in their lives.

This kind of experience is only open, therefore, to those who feel ready to expand their concept of adventure and are able to travel independently.

Coaches can motivate, inform and support you during your journey, but will never prompt you to take any steps you haven’t chosen to take, in your own time.

Journeys thus become a driving force for change and will continue to provide insights and energy long after you’ve returned home.

You will always be the true architect of every step.

Specifically, Travel Coaching uses the Journey setting as a means of generating change in the individual.

When you choose to work as a travel coach, you know that your evolutionary journey will be both internal and external.

Travel coaches organize transformational workshops in movement, every day, the sites you visit become places of internal discovery.

Traveling in itself distances us from our place of comfort, our social and family roles, helping us become like a blank page, ready to receive new information.

Travel Coaching trips allow us to realize our dream within the space of a journey.

What kind of people choose to journey with a Travel Coach?

This kind of route is for everyone who loves traveling and wants to change quickly, within the space of a journey:

  • increasing their self-esteem;
  • developing their potential within the space of a journey;
  • rediscovering themselves after a separation or divorce;
  • taking time to recharge their batteries in a protected space;
  • being reborn to create a more authentic life;
  • understanding and realizing their life plan.

Traveling means moving from one place to another, both internally and externally, to reach new places, particularly internal, which is why holidays are distinct from travel.

“travel is the ultimate life metaphor”.
Consequently, by understanding what kind of traveler you are, your needs and limitations, and your resources, you can make the “journey of your lifetime” an easier and lighter path to follow.