Travel coaching is a combination of coaching (a process of personal growth) and travel (an exploration of different places).

Travel coaching offers a new way to travel. Taking part in a Travel Coaching journey requires you first of all to make a choice:

  • choosing to return with extra resources
  • choosing to challenge yourself 100%
  • choosing to use the journey as a space to change your restrictive habits.

When we are traveling or on holiday, our life comes into greater focus. If we have a problem, it manifests itself more clearly because we aren’t distracted by work or other things. This is when Travel Coaching techniques can help you discover the resources you already have to make any necessary changes easier, or simply to increase your awareness and self-esteem.


1) Choose a journey, every IlariaGiraMappamondo journey has a theme, e.g. Magical Journey to Ireland, and each theme corresponds to a route that will deal with certain issues, e.g. emerging from a restrictive box.

Every journey has a set route, with targeted daily workshops in places chosen by the coach. Each chosen site has structural, energetic and evocative characteristics which facilitate the internal work.

2) Choose a personal objective in addition to the one pre-established by the route of the travel coaching seminar itself.

This step is made easier by meeting your coach prior to departure to get a better idea of how to make 110% use of the seminar.

3) Set off on your own or with traveling companions, travel coaching journeys are not travel packages, participants book the flight on their own, or with the coach if they need assistance, and can therefore leave at a time to suit them. The time taken to travel to the destination by air will be a time of exploration.

4) Experience traveling through different eyes, or allow yourself to be a new you for the whole journey; you’ll be traveling with other people who, like you, are choosing to change, and you’ll discover what a contribution you can make. Be amazed!

5) Allow yourself to say ‘No’; you can choose not to take part in some of the exercises if you find them hard, this is respected. Remember that you’ll have a coach beside you who is available to make this choice easier.

6) Return home with something more and something less. The last day of the trip is dedicated to reliving the journey and extrapolating what you may need to implement change at home as well. In travel coaching, the purpose is to eliminate the nostalgia felt at the end of the journey, to give value to what you have experienced and to leave you with renewed energy.


Travel coaching trips are created for people who want their journey to be a space in which to explore themselves.

People who choose to journey with a travel coach are:

  • Business people and professionals who want to use their “holidays” to make a quantum leap.
  • People who want to learn new skills and acquire new resources to create a more functional life.
  • Single people who want to travel and meet new like-minded people.
  • Couples who want to experience a journey that will provide new communication tools to create a new way of being together.
  • and probably YOU who are reading this.


I am an expert in socializing. We live in an increasingly technological world, where meeting new people is made easier by a screen which, like a mask, protects us against the fear of disapproval.
We are losing the art of approaching and relating to others. During the journeys I organize, you can experience how easy, enjoyable and exciting it is to meet people face-to-face, how nourishing it can be to look people in the eye and how much we can learn from this contact.

If you’re interested in attending one of our events, go to the appropriate section (Events or Transformational Journeys) to book in time.


The decision to take between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people on a journey is born from the awareness that creating a close-knit group is one of the successful ingredients of this kind of travel. The first two days are in fact dedicated to setting up the right tools to create trust and empathy and eliminate any dynamics that normally lead to separation and/or competition. This ensures that most participants continue to see and support each other even after the journey is over.