Do you believe in Magic?

For this journey I’ve chosen the most enchanted places in Ireland. Waterfalls, lakes that reflect the movement of the sky, ancient abbeys, stone circles that still today are used for rituals by the locals, islands that as if by magic have become flower gardens …

Taking part in this journey means first of all entering inside of yourself, carefully on tiptoes… just like in a fairy tale.

Connecting with your authentic self, you will discover the words and phrases that will lead you to access your potential and with them you will write into your own magic book.

Every place we’ll visit will gift you a message and an object with which you will build your magic wand to take home. Your personalized magic wand will enable you to reconnect you with your knowledge whenever you desire…

7 days lived out of time and space that will give you the feeling of having been away for 7 years, just as it’s been told by every legend that talks about encounters with the fairies….

some pictures of the places that we will be exploring during travel coaching

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What is Travel Coaching?

Travel Coaching uses the setting of a Journey as a way of generating change in people. The Travel Coach assists and facilitates the participants to recognize the resources necessary to achieve the goal they have chosen to work with, with total ease. Those resources will be available even when they return to a new daily life.

The energy of travel has the peculiar feature of acting as a catalyst for the most incredible personal transformations, just because we are far away from our usual habits and because we have decided to face something new and are prepared to play with new roles and new ways of thinking.

Travel program

  • Pre-departure coaching to select your personal goal

The 9 days will be filled with:

  • Harmonizing the group
  • Exploring the territory through different Travel Coaching workshops
  • Discovering a new rhythm to savor life
  • Build your magic wand
  • Group Sharing
  • Write your own magic Book 
  • Returning home with lots of possibilities

5th July: Arrival in Dublin. At 9pm we start our “The Secret Garden” journey together.

6th July: 10am “Fairy Circle”, a magical space to start the day with a new point of view. Departure to the mountains of Wicklow. Stop at Powerscourt Falls (the highest in Ireland) for the coaching workshop “The waterfall and the lost ideas”. Late afternoon arrival at the monastic site of Glendalough for the coaching workshop “The secret left to the fairies …”

7th July:  9.30am “Fairy Cirle “ followed by departure to Hook peninsula where the oldest still working lighthouse in Ireland (1200 AD) awaits us. Visit to the lighthouse and workshop “The gifts of your Light”.

 8th July: 9.30am “Fairy Circle” and departure to the south coast. During the journey we will make several stops to allow you to use the landscape to “Explore your imperfections”.

9th July: 9.30am “Fairy Circle”, followed by a visit to Timoleague Abbey. Light lunch in the nearby village of Clonakilty and at 2 pm stop at the megalithic stone circle of Drumbeg for the workshop “The circle of gratitude”.

 10th July:  9.30am “Fairy Circle”, then we will take the boat to Garinish Island for the workshop that carries the name of this trip.

 11th July9.30am “Fairy Circle”, departure for Killarney National Park where with a small boat we will reach the magical island of Innisfallen. There you’ll be building your own magic wand with the objects that you’ll have received throughout the journey.

                                                                                12th July: 9.30am “Fairy Circle”, and departure to the Augustinian abbey in Golden where we will celebrate the gifts we’ve received and begin to be magicians, or better said those who create.

 13th July: departures, goodbyes and hugs …


Some kind words of people who travelled with me:

Ilaria brings a lot of love, joy, fun, loving care and professionalism to everything she does!.
She took us to wonderful places ‘off the beaten track’ to see them with different points of views.


I have heard the call for this trip, because it had been some time since I’ve had a holiday dedicated all to myself. I wanted some time and space for breathing, for wondering and for simply being happy while travelling. For me it turned out to be a journey called Love, as a part of every Travel Coaching trip takes you within yourself!




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