What is the dream you wish to achieve?

Each one of us is born to take certain steps that make her feel fulfilled. When we are children we have a clear idea of what we want to do when we grow up. But then sometimes we get lost… as the urgencies of life take over and lead us to forget and put our dreams into a drawer.

Eventually there are days, where we perceive a dissatisfaction and a noise coming from that drawer.

Some courageously open it and decide to start doing something to make it happen.

Others however continue to live with this sense of frustration in the background, telling the story that it is too late for them to change anything.

Is it really too late?

In my experience it’s never too late. The truth is that to live your dream you only need 4 main keys:

  1. – A vision of your dream
  2. – Knowing your resources and your limits
  3. – Courage to show who you are
  4. – Awareness of the concrete steps to be taken.

The good news is that it’s all already inside you.

This trip is designed to give you everything you need to develop the 4 keys that I mentioned above.

We will use the energy of Northern Ireland, which has lots to offer, both for its contrasts and for its marvelous landscapes.

It will be 10 days in which you will find the space, the calm and the enthusiasm to give new energy to your dream.


some pictures of the places that we will be exploring during travel coaching

What is Travel Coaching?

Travel Coaching uses the setting of a Journey as a way of generating change in people. The Travel Coach assists and facilitates the participants to recognize the resources necessary to achieve the goal they have chosen to work with, with total ease. Those resources will be available even when they return to a new daily life.

The energy of travel has the peculiar feature of acting as a catalyst for the most incredible personal transformations, just because we are far away from our usual habits and because we have decided to face something new and are prepared to play with new roles and new ways of thinking.

Travel program

  • Pre-departure coaching to select your personal goal

The 10 days will be filled with:

  • Creating the Team
  • Exploring the territory through different Travel Coaching workshops
  • Discovering a new rhythm to savor life
  • Contributing to the Earth
  • Group Sharing
  • Returning home with new friends

Friday 15th June Arrival in Dublin. We start our “Insight Ireland” journey with the Travel coaching workshop ‘How many dreams are you able to imagine?’

Saturday 16th June We gather at 9am to start the day with our ‘circle of dreams’. Departure towards Tara Hill where we’ll make contact with the invisible world through our Travel coaching exploration ‘Beyond the limits of Time and Space…’  After lunch we’ll continue to the monastery Monasterboyce to discover your Calling and why you are here. We’ll be closing the day with our ‘circle of trust’.

Sunday 17th June  We meet to start the day with our ‘circle of dreams’. At 11am departure to Belfast where a new workshop will lead us to discover our parts. And so the city that until a few years ago was literally divided into two, today instead governs with a new energy made of….

We will stay overnight in a typical Irish village 20 km from the city to savor the typical spirit of the welcoming locals. At 9pm we’ll be closing the day with our ‘circle of trust’.

Monday 18th June We meet to start the day with our ‘circle of dreams’. We return to Belfast but this time to visit the Titanic Experience and find out what our resources are to start living your dream. At 9pm we’ll be closing the day with our ‘circle of trust’.

Tuesday 19th June We meet to start the day with our ‘circle of dreams’. We will start heading towards the north and stop to visit the most beautiful places dedicated to the Game of Thrones. Allowing them to inspire us for our workshop “what is your signature?” We’ll be closing the day with our ‘circle of trust’.

Wednesday 20th June We meet to start the day with our ‘circle of dreams’. 11am departure towards Rathlin Island to see the Puffins and experience the workshop ‘Nature as our teacher’. We’ll be closing the day with our ‘circle of trust’.

Thursday 21st June

Welcome Summer Solstice!

We will wake up at dawn to greet the sun and activate our ‘ability to create in the flow’ with a Celtic ritual. 11.00 am departure towards the castle of Duncastle for the workshop ‘it all started with a story.’. Continuing with a visit to the Giant Causeway for the second part of the workshop. At 6.00 pm our last stop of the day will be at the Carrik-a-rede suspension bridge to close this special day with the rite of passage ‘… let’s go to the other side!’

Friday 22nd June  We meet to start the day with our ‘circle of dreams’. Departure to the town of Derry (London Derry) where we will have the workshop ‘The power of freedom’. We’ll be closing the day with our ‘circle of trust’.

An Evening at the pub

Saturday 23rd June We meet to start the day with our ‘circle of dreams’. 11.00 am in the surroundings of the Neolithic tombs of Newgrange and Knoth our last workshop of this journey will take place called  ‘The treasure that I take home’.

Return to Dublin in the evening.

Sunday 24th June

Departures and returning home



Some kind words of people who travelled with me:

Ilaria brings a lot of love, joy, fun, loving care and professionalism to everything she does!.
She took us to wonderful places ‘off the beaten track’ to see them with different points of views.


I have heard the call for this trip, because it had been some time since I’ve had a holiday dedicated all to myself. I wanted some time and space for breathing, for wondering and for simply being happy while travelling. For me it turned out to be a journey called Love, as a part of every Travel Coaching trip takes you within yourself!




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