I was born into a family of travelers, teachers and inventors. My great great grandfather toured Europe in search of new ingredients and spices to include in the cakes he made in a small factory in Genoa’s old town.

My parents never stopped traveling and shared this passion with me and my sister, taking us on many of their journeys from a very young age.

I was just 11 years old when we went on a journey that marked my life forever, an exploration of northern India, spending nights wherever we happened to be, from a house-boat in Kashmir, to a mud hotel in Leh, a pilgrim tent in Amarnath and, last but not least, a hotel with stone beds and painted sheets in Delhi. Visiting temples and mixing with the children studying to become monks, holy men lining up to treat my sister’s altitude sickness, the wide open spaces of the Himalayas… All of this has definitely shaped the person I am today.

After a 4-year Master’s course in Gestalt Coaching, I was able to combine my skills as a traveler with those of a coach, creating a new way to experience travel coaching.

The IlariaGiraMappaMondo method allows you to experience what can be termed “a journey within a journey”, as you travel with your coach to new places, meet new people, while at the same time exploring and recognizing your potential to achieve your personal objectives.